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Book Review: The Remnant Trilogy

Looking for a fantastic fictional read this summer? Look no further than The Remnant Trilogy by Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams.

Chaffey and Adams take us on a historical yet fictional trip back to the time of Noah. They tell us a tale in a new way that makes Noah relatable while tying in historical and Biblical truths.

The first book in the series, Noah, Man of Destiny, is the beginning of the tale when Noah was a young man, growing up in an increasingly secular society.

This book helps one who knows the historical story of Noah to relate on a more personal level. We follow a man’s coming into adulthood through his struggles and triumphs. Tempted by the Princess of Havil, we can see Noah as a real man and not just a childhood story of a man in a boat with a lot of animals.

The second book in the series, Noah, Man of Resolve, furthers the story into a fallen society and the struggle for Noah and his family to remain faithful to the Creator.

Although slightly predictable, one can truly appreciate and be encouraged by Noah’s faith and trust in The Creator. His story of resolve and obedience gives us, the readers, encouragement in our own trials.

The final installment, Noah, Man of God, does not disappoint! Engaging, suspenseful, and thoughtful, this conclusion gives us a well-rounded, full-circle fictional account of real history.

There are questions in the back of each book that the authors, Chaffey and Adams, address. They speak to why they portray Noah and the characters in such a way, and why they added such political events. They back up other tidbits with Biblical references.

Sometimes it is hard to find good fiction inside of the Christian literature genre. Although easy reads, these books are a great way to see what the world that Noah lived in could have been like, while tying in the historical account of the flood.

I would recommend these books to anyone wishing to find wholesome reading, including adults and teens (with discernment).

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  1. Thank you for sharing this trilogy about Noah with us on the #LMMLinkup. It sounds like a fascinating read.

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