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Rejoice In Hope

Romans 12:12 ESV 

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

I often like to speak my heart or tell a story before relating a pertinent Biblical truth that has been placed on my heart. Today is different because God’s Word speaks for itself. No amount of musings, story telling or devotional content could compare to the simplicity and beauty that this truth exposes.

The command that Paul gives us proves a faithful revelation to all the ages. We could all still be standing on a mountain top with Abraham looking at the stars without ever believing. An ark could be full of noisy animals and we could be fretting over how to feed them instead of trusting in provision. Arms could be empty instead of embracing humility given through the prophetic instruction of angels. Bulls could be sitting raw on an altar, rams could still be stuck in the thistles and a bush could have started a wild-fire if we didn’t embrace hope, patience, and prayer.

Sometimes it’s easy to embrace modern thoughts and ideologies. We want fast and easy all the while feeling good. When we have insta-life buttons, who needs to have stamina in the spiritual side of life? It’s too slow and takes too much effort.

If the insta-world is so fulfilling, why are people often so miserable, seeking more and more?

We have lost touch with the promises that the Lord has given us through diligence of faith. Having a relationship with God seems too time consuming and boring. He’s too strict and judgmental. If He was really a God of love He would allow me to have fun and forgive me later.

It’s funny that so many people think this way, but honestly, a Christian life isn’t weighted down with strict rules or boring deeds. Being a follower of Christ is freeing and exciting. Hope reaches far, joy abounds in all aspects of life, and prayer is amazing communion with the Creator of the World, a direct line to eternity. Why do we want to walk a wide and ramble filled path, when the straight and narrow brings excitement and is eternity driven?

I am not an apologist nor a scholar, but I do know what my experiences have led to. If I didn’t hold on to that hope of something grander than myself in my most troubled times, I would have been lost to the world. That hope picked me up and made me new. I am being recreated in the Lord’s love daily and in Him I place all things.  Without Him I am nothing.

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Dear Lord, I pray that my simple words will encourage others to seek truth. Allow them to understand your love and provision through all times and for all people. Help them to feel the joy that follows the hope of eternal life. May their searchings to glorify you and to grow your kingdom. Thank you for your love and faithfulness. In Your Name, Amen.

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