Reject the Grumbling, Accept the Life Giving Water

Imagine the desert: sandy, hot, and without a reprieve from the harshness of it all.

Wandering and defeated by thirst, people grumbled. They tried to complain themselves out of a situation they began to hate. They would rather return to oppression than face another day of dry lips and sunburnt lives.

“These people won’t stop complaining, God. What am I to do with them?” Moses threw his hands up. He had hope, but his ears were tired of the nagging people.

God heard him, and even though He wanted the people to further their faith walk with trust, He nourished them. He gave them a drink for parched mouths.

The wandering, complaining, and doubt continued despite nourishment along the way. Wayward thoughts followed despite God’s saving graces throughout each step.

Sounds familiar. Thousands of years later we sit here with water at a touch of a button in our homes, food in our pantries, sun protection in a bottle, and opportunities for short-cuts aplenty. Are we satisfied? God gave us advancements. We still grumble, complain, nag and wonder when He will give more and do more. Saving us from eternal separation just isn’t enough.

This is when we need a nice long pause of reflection. The well on the outskirts of town may be a good place for us to do this.

As we seek a drink, look into the eyes of the man who joins us there. Listen to his voice. Hide his words deep inside. The water he draws from doesn’t just make our mouths happy, but gives our souls the chance to rejoice.

We can take this living water, place it in us, share it with others, and be nourished forever.

John 4:14-15

But whoever drinks from this water that I will give him will never get thirsty again. In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.

Oh, Sir, give me that water. Give that water to my husband, sons and daughters. Extend it to my neighbors, community, and leaders. Let is flow deep and wide.

We can take this living water, place it in us, share it with others, and be nourished forever. Click To Tweet

Sustaining, eternal, and redemptive, we need to seek this out. Grab it and turn from grumbling. Reject negative leanings and strive for a life fully in Jesus and for Jesus.

He quenches our souls. He sustains us beyond the grave. Jesus gives us so much more than we can ever imagine or ask for. He lifts and carries us.

The Lord brings us through the desert. He gives us the water of life. No more complaining, because we should want not. Glory be to him forever.

This post comes from the 20 Days of Devotionals series.

2 thoughts on “Reject the Grumbling, Accept the Life Giving Water

  1. Love that verse from John. It is one of my favorites. It does remind me that the people in the Bible were desert-dwellers. How precious water must have been to them.

  2. He will definitely bring us through! Thanks for the encouragement to drop the grumbling. That’s always sage advice.

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