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Reading Through Lent: The Books of Luke and Acts

Reading Through Lent

Have you waited a long time for something to happen? Has your expectant heart been biting nails, searching in the mail and checking for messages?

Has your patience been stretched? Why isn’t this thing happening or this person arriving or this notification coming?

Do you even know what it is that you are waiting for? You feel that there is direction to be had or opportunity to present itself, but you are not sure how to pinpoint these things.

A lifetime of dreams and opportunities are there to be fulfilled. It seems like they go unrecognized or depleted because of other people’s discouragement or support.

Are all of these longings for nothing? Are these dreams suppose to be left on your pillow and never to be realized?

The only true thing that we can grab onto, the reality of our situation, is that the BIG promise, the one that counts the most, has come. The fulfillment of the rescue plan has come full circle and we can rejoice in our future as sons and daughters of the Lord Most High despite all other expectations being unmet. He has come to turn everything downcast in sin upright. We are rescued in His sacrifice and look forward to when He comes back to bring us home.

He has brought us Joy, Relief, and Excitement….

Please join me over this Lenten season in reading through the Books of Luke and Acts to see how the Lord Jesus has come and fulfilled all of the promises of Our Father God. This will be a time to rejoice and renew our hopes in Him. May we carry these things with us throughout the year no matter what we face or the disappointments that cross our paths.

Luke 1:50 NIV

His mercy extends to those who fear him,
    from generation to generation.

Below is our reading plan starting on Ash Wednesday. May you be blessed in your time reading and spending time with the Lord.

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  1. Reading through the books of Luke and Acts is an excellent idea. Thank you for the reading plan!


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