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Quick Answers to Tough Questions: Bible, Evolution, Creation- A Review


Have you ever been presented with discussion points on faith that need quick answers? Now is the time more than ever to be able to defend the faith. Living in a culture of divide, we need to be able to present clear, short and to the point answers about our stances on a wide variety of topics in our faith including: Biblical authority, creation, death, evolution, origins of life, the gospel and many more.



Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”


Bryan Osborne and Bodie Hodge’s new book Quick Answers to Tough Questions: Bible, Evolution, Creation helps you find those quick answers that you need and when you need them. With an introduction by President and CEO of Answers in Genesis Ken Ham, we prepare to face our culture that is rapidly becoming more secular by the moment.  We need to be able to stand by God’s authority in the face of what the world would like to present as man’s authority.

Quick Answers to Tough Questions provides engaging questions with precise answers, brilliant graphics, and Biblical references throughout.  Not only is this book a good starting point for new believers, but also is a reference book or Bible study for older children and families.

Quick Answers to Tough Questions presents a Biblical foundation that’s easy to understand and is an excellent apologetic resource to add to your home library.  Being prepared to defend a Christian Worldview is important in today’s culture.

This book is now available on the Master Books page. Here you will also find a wide variety of books on apologetics and creation, homeschool curriculum and many other topics.

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