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Practice Rest

Practice makes perfect, right?

We practice giving. We practice sports. We practice crafting. We practice school. We practice deals and speeches and how to sell our trade. We practice hospitality. We practice faith.

What if we have nothing left in our season to give and we fall out of practice?

A soccer ball won’t loose momentum when we take a season to rest our bodies. Piano keys still work when we walk away for a moment or three. Our tables may stand empty of extra bodies, but we won’t go hungry. But our Bibles, our prayer lives, and our souls, these things should never go stale and unused for any amount of seasons.

There should be times of rest, seasons of sabbath, and times of reflection and planning. However, there is never an off-season when it comes to faith. Faith is what gives the ability to step out of our sports, deal making and crafty days in order to look back and reassess when we are overwhelmed.  When we feel that there’s nothing left to give, faith keeps stability despite how tired we are.

Philippians 4:11 ESV

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Resting from all things while replenishing our beings with God’s faithfulness through Scripture reading and communion in prayer will give us the ability to keep moving. Our tendencies to feel depleted by life can be revived in the Lord. He sees us through no matter what our human mindsets tell us.

Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

As we quiet ourselves, we can reflect on His goodness. He is God of all, upholding His loved ones and giving rest to those in need. He sees us, He know us, and He will never let us go no matter what season we are in. Draw near to Him in all things and He will draw near to you. Never doubt His faithfulness.

Our tendencies to feel depleted by life can be revived in the Lord. He sees us through no matter what our human mindsets tell us. Click To Tweet

15 thoughts on “Practice Rest

  1. Such good truth here, Maryanne! Love the thought that there is never an off season when it comes to faith because just realizing this points us toward the value of rest, replenishing and re-connecting intimately with our Creator. It’s all one big exhale and feeds our souls so thoroughly. Thank-you for this!

  2. Good truth here, Maryann. It’s so important to take breaks from things we can say no to, especially when loads pile up that we can’t escape. But you’re right … keeping the lines of communication with God open throughout this process is a lifesaver in so many ways. Glad to be your neighbor at Faith-n-Friends this past week.

  3. Hi Maryann, I’m visiting from the #FMF linkup. What a restful space you have here, and what beautiful and helpful graphics you’ve shared! It’s so important to balance rest with activity and to know God is with us in everything. Thank you for this great reminder. Blessings on your weekend. 🙂

  4. A season of sabbath. It may be a short season or a much needed and longer one – but it is such a wise practice. For our pastors and our leaders. And for all those serving alongside. For all of us….there is rich reward in stepping aside, getting away and practicing rest.

  5. Good morning Maryann, I appreciate your words this morning … that rest is built in to a followers life. Never shall we ignore the need to abide. Praying to God that He will bless the work of your hands and bless times of breath and rest throughout your day. Visiting from FMF. In Christ, Julie

  6. Thank you for this good reminder. “Be still and know that I am God…” is one of my favorite verses, yet one that I need reminders to carry out.

  7. I so love your post on rest. Something we all need to remember is that it will not come unless we put it into practice!

  8. Beautiful words. Love your info graphics too! Calm blog, and a good work of words to read on this early Friday morning. Thank you! Plus my niece shares your name. 🙂

  9. Yes, we can’t take a break, set aside or let our communication with God fade. It’s so very vital. When He is what sustains you then it would be like being in the desert for days with no water, there’s no real rest when we back away from Him. Thank you for sharing your heart lifting words! Visiting from #faithandfriends linkup

  10. I would really love to rest;
    I think that would be cool,
    but here is now a daily test
    in a vicious school.
    I can’t let up a minute now,
    I can’t let down my guard
    and there’s no use complainin’ how
    life’s gotten really hard.
    Cancer want to kill me
    but I still have work to do
    and though it can feel silly,
    I’m bound to see this through.
    To sleep, yeah, perchance to dream?
    I’ll just push harder; hear me scream.

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