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It Is Well

Troubling times are more than just on the horizon, they are here. We see all over the news, the internet and out our back doors that we are on a downslide in society. We see thoughts on the sanctity of life as backwards, Biblical truths twisted, and definitions of right all skewed. It’s hurting our… Read More It Is Well

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Oswald Chambers Quotes

There are times when we search to find the words that describe our life stages, seasons, or day to day humdrum. Words are fleeting from our thought lives and we wring our hands trying to place a label upon the circumstance we stand in. This is when we go back to our forefathers in faith… Read More Oswald Chambers Quotes

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The Only Name That Matters

What is in a name? Sounds like Shakespeare was here. His philosophies lost on the Word of God with all of its love songs, laments and truths. But what about our names, are they lost, forgotten, gathered close, or of no consequence? I am almost sure that there may be a person or five who… Read More The Only Name That Matters