Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

He Has Restored Me

A handful of years ago I was looking for restoration. I needed to restore my being from illness and pain, my soul from hurt and troubles, my mind from sadness and anxiety and my heart from fear. As I looked to take on these elements of life on my own, my hands were just too… Read More He Has Restored Me


Through Our Father’s Eyes

Pictures can only see the physical properties of your body. The wrinkles, and extra weight shine through a photograph that your eyes discern as flaws and misconstrued ideals. Beauty seems to be fleeting in your mind’s eye, yet God’s thoughts are so much higher than our own. He can see the inner workings of our… Read More Through Our Father’s Eyes

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday, Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Communion

Kneeling at the foot of my grandmother’s bed, we crossed our hearts, and bowed our heads to witness each other in prayer. Our hearts became whole as our words took flight to Heaven where the Lord awaited to hear from His children. I knew the words. I said them without a thought. I didn’t know… Read More The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Communion