Missions to Belgium: A Family Opportunity for Discipleship, Service and Spiritual Growth

When called to the Missions Field, you go. The Lord will provide a way.

I have been mission-minded for quite some time but didn’t realize it. Maybe it was the Lord nudging me all this time but the timing and right doors weren’t quite available… until now. You can read more about my thoughts on missions at this post.

My daughters and I, together, have been mission minded since we started putting together the VBS outreach at the local church a few years ago. We had been called to reach the community and to teach the love of our Lord Jesus.

Now there is an opportunity to extend our outreach for the Lord overseas in Belgium. In a town just outside Brussels, we will be helping to revitalize an old paper factory while discipling and praying for the local community and being a Christian presence in an increasingly secular state.

Operation Mobilization, partnering with Lifetree Adventures, has established a mission and outreach center in Brussels as well as church planting training. Our church home is supporting our trip with a generous contribution as well as prayer and spiritual support.

VBS is fun and full of amazing opportunity to reach the youth and their families, but sometimes missions involves hard work. I will refer to this as manual labor. To teach the younger generation that missions involves all things for God and sometimes we need to do the hard stuff, this is a great opportunity to fulfill this understanding.

We ask that you consider partnering with us in prayer and, if you feel led, with any financial contribution  Thank you all for your generous support. Please share this journey with your loved ones and friends via social media.

Our family verse:

I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us) Philippians 4:13

All proceeds will go directly to pay for our trip expenses, and any funds that surpass our need will be put back into a missions fund for our church and to the organizations that we will be working with.

The best way to give financial support is through GoFundMe or through PayPal Friends and Family. If you wish for more information on this, please message me at any time.


UPDATE ONE (11-19-2018):

“God, we are excited to serve You. May we be faithful ambassadors as we serve you with our whole hearts. Remove any selfish desires or ill motives and align our hearts with Your purpose. Create in us a selfless and humble heart to reflect Your love. Prepare us for this commission. We want to learn more about You. Amen.” -from the YouVersion mission devotional

UPDATE TWO (11-21-2018):

We are very grateful for the very generous donations that we have received outside of this online campaign. Our family really appreciates your support through monetary donations and prayer. We feel confident in the work we will be doing for the kingdom and the discipleship that we will administer and receive.

UPDATE THREE (12-5-2018):

We are just under 2/3 of the way for our fund-raising goal as of today. Through generous donations, turning in recyclables, selling home-made skirts, and a garage sale, we are making great strides in telling people about this special missions, our family’s goal, and paying for our trip. Thank you all very much. Much Aloha to you!



This post contains no affiliate links. Any funds collected through GoFundMe will be handled appropriately. This link is more for informal purposes and to give personal friends and family opportunities to support this mission. Thank you. 

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