Looking For Peace: A Series for the Heart

Looking for Unity: A Season of Trial and Fleeting Peace

A chasm has happened in this life.

A hard spot along the line of growth, sanctification, and settling roots has caused me to wonder if it’s worth the sandy soil I must sift through in order to make my plants grow so that they will produce good fruit.

I would like to blame people. They are so difficult to be around. Just when you think you have found family and a trustworthy lifeline that goes beyond the Lord and your home, they disappoint and stir up the pot of strife and middle-school girl behaviors.

When the little jabs of rude comments are thrown your way, you want to run. When lies, rumors, gossip, or misunderstandings fly out of control and are never confirmed to be true or false, you want to hide or fight back.
I am thankful that the Father knows my heart, corrects me when I’m wrong in love, discerns my spirit when it’s time to make changes, and shows me a higher road no matter how low I would like to be so that I could stab back.
And then in all the hurt and aggravation, I pray. In the tears, I ask the Lord to show me the best way.
Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.
Ephesians 4:31 NIV

As believers and followers of Christ, we all have access to Him through prayer and The Word. We should be turning to the truth when we have concerns and then, in turn, go to the person in question instead of walking on eggshells of discontent and crushing them into the spirit of others, hurting them with insolent attitudes and misrepresented actions of the accused.

These are the things causing bitterness in the hearts of those who are being hurt for doing what the Lord has called them to. And yet, people are too prideful to understand or to see past their pretentious temperament. God warned us that there would be days like these. It still hurts.

What do we do? I have been preaching to myself about what God’s Word says. I have been praying. I have been sitting still. I also complain, a lot… here I am writing a lament about my woes as a Christian living through a tough season with darts coming from all directions. In all of that, I still have complete faith in sanctification and that the Lord has this mighty plan that is just out of reach of making sense at this moment.

I have faith, Lord, and You are reminding me of the next verse in Ephesians.

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 4:32

I will try my best to be kind even when I want to shake my fist. I will forgive no matter how hard my heart feels. I will always walk in compassion because that is my identity in You. Thank you for the conviction of truth in grace and love, Jesus. Thank you for loving us all through our trials, our anger, our hurt, and our pride. Thank you for the sanctification no matter how it hurts. Most of all, thank you for the cross. Amen.

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8 thoughts on “Looking for Unity: A Season of Trial and Fleeting Peace

  1. This is so good. So much I can relate to
    Thanks for sharing.
    (Visiting from #21)

  2. I’m dealing with these emotions too. It’s so hard. I want to do the right thing and be the bigger person and let God guide me through this, but every day is a battle. Life can be so weird sometimes! Thanks for sharing your feelings.

  3. Nothing like family, both blood-kin and blood-bought church family, to rub our edges off during day to day life.

    I love that you said, “I will always walk in compassion because that is my identity in You.” I’m so glad He has unfailing love and compassion for me as well. I don’t deserve it.

  4. I’ve been in that place before too. Many times. And it’s so very hard, but God is faithful, so I’ve learned that I must always trust him even when nothing in this world makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Let the bitterness and hurt
    fade away, with all the rage,
    for they are another man’s hair-shirt;
    take it off, and turn the page.
    Some folks will not wish you well;
    contention is their bone,
    and that’s the sort you need to tell
    to leave you very much alone.
    Remove them from the Rolodex,
    grind initials from the backyard tree.
    No movies at the multiplex
    even if they’re family,
    for even kin can bring disease,
    and, my friend, I wish you peace.

  6. It is so hard to not react when we are hurt. May we continually access God’s Word to work in us to respond as He would. Even when it hurts. May He bless you, Maryann!

  7. Such a good post, Maryann! I can sure identify in many ways. A big amen to your prayer at the end. May God help us to be kind when we want to be angry, to trust Him always no matter how hard things get. He always understands. Blessings to you!

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