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Don’t Wait For Tomorrow to Look For the Sun: A Five Minute Thought on the State of Affairs

My five minutes of thoughts on this last day of week one in the American response to chaos:

The sun is out.

We aren’t just looking for hope in tomorrow or longing for what we had yesterday. The sun is out today and you must embrace it for what it is and move forward.

We live in strange days. For some of us we are not surprised. We are more irritated and thinking on how to encourage others through what we already knew. Others are living on the edge of hopelessness. Life is staled out just as they were on the cusp of something that seemed great. Then there’s the other camp of fearfulness. Fear of loss, of isolation, of government overreach, and of death all lurk in a nearby shadow of what they once held dear. What do we do in these days where we use to push past the frustration, sing the tune of a Broadway Show, and look up to see what a new day may bring us?

It’s nearly 90 degrees today in my neck of the woods.

People are out gardening, some are mad that the beaches are closing, and others are holed up with loved ones pressed on the glass window outside their home. Isolation verses the need to press on are at odds and I would say that most of us are biting our nails while scoffing at how our situation is handled. By the way, when there’s a pandemic, don’t bite your nails.

What do we do with all of our feelings, time, and distancing? Pointing blame and arguing is not solving problems. Name calling should be unheard of. We can filter our emotions in a more productive way if we only paused to look at the truths of what the Lord has placed on the hearts of those have gone before us through great trials. We can come out triumphant despite how dismal every day looks like right now.

James 1:12 ESV

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

What you do with this truth is up to you. Five minutes of my random thoughts may or may not prompt you to anything more than a wasted five minutes of reading. I would suggest that you dig in more, find hope in God’s Word, and seek encouragement through these long days of uncertainty. Because you know what, we can be absolutely certain that no matter the outcome of our situation, God is sovereign. He reigns on high forever. He is the one who keeps us steady.

Because you know what, we can be absolutely certain that no matter the outcome of our situation, God is sovereign. He reigns on high forever. He is the one who keeps us steady. Share on X

This is how I have been filling my time during week one:

  • I planted grass seed and located inexpensive mulch to finish my front yard. I know we are in a slowdown, but knowing my Home Owners Association, they will be sending out notices on time about the mandatory Spring cleaning that they enforce.
  • I found and planted lemon grass. It keeps mosquitoes away. I also planted fire bushes. The girls at the garden center sad that they attract hummingbirds. Can’t wait!
  • I bought everything to start a “Victory Garden” with my kids. We will work on that over the next few days.
  • I went to Walmart way more than I have ever wanted to in a year’s time all within one week in search of random items and toilet paper (because it’s really trendy tight now to buy a bunch of toilet paper).
  • I have always been a homeschooler, so nothing new there. We have had to ZOOM two classes this week so that was new for the kids.
  • We signed paperwork for a new roof. We will see when that will happen, but I hope by mid-April it will be done. We will see about that one.
  • We went for a hike in the woods. It was only us and all the bees that seemed to be out pollinating.
  • And last, but not least, we started a workout challenge. I was going to start a reading challenge but my girls already read a lot.

I would love to know what you are up to. Comment below with how you’re spending your time or being creative.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Wait For Tomorrow to Look For the Sun: A Five Minute Thought on the State of Affairs

  1. Social distancing is pretty much my way of life in my very rural home so life hasn’t changed so much for me. I too have been in my flower beds and have cleaned out the bird houses making them ready for new tenants! Thank you for this hopeful post Maryann!

  2. A workout challenge…that sounds like a wonderful idea. I need to look into that. And lemongrass – what a brilliant suggestion. I love the scent (I’m diffusing now actually) but never knew it could be so helpful in my backyard! Thanks for the new info…and the encouragment to keep busy!! Have another productive week!

  3. Oh I loved the way you wrote of your day, and how much you rely on God, it shows through. That highlights everything, and really qualifies every challenge, whether we are home or not. Yes its changed a few things for us all🙂 and maybe these are timely reminders too….

    that life can change in the twinkling of an eye, and that nothing here is eternal.
    Wishing the best for you and my own home, our lives everywhere,

    and that somehow in the uncertainty of these sudden vacuums, we find new things to do like we never did. Our daughter started a home video worship channel for one. I started blogging ferociously. Our second daughter turns chef! A pretty good one too
    Our 3rd kid, blind, somehow I know were spending g much more time with him too than ever.
    God knows best. Praying they find a cure soon,and that more people find true Haven in Christ.
    Much love🌻

  4. We went outside a bunch yesterday too. I read a book and surfed the net in the hammock. I took a yoga class at our local yoga studio. We kept our distance :). I also did some weeding in our garden beds. I watched our boys giggle and play in the pool. My husband trimmed bushes and painted some wood panels that will replace broken ones on our billiard table. We had a most excellent day! We capped it off by dinner outside on the patio. And, we walked with some neighbors that were also itching to get out and be social.

  5. Everyone’s hysterical,
    and I have had enough.
    Life’s always been chimerical,
    so come on, dimwits, get tough.
    They thought they’d live forever?
    Hold my beer, please, while I laugh
    and pull my Badass Lever
    (they can have my autograph).
    I’ll kick their wimpy backsides raw,
    then sit ’em down, explain the news
    that what they think they thought they saw’s
    no reason for the crying blues.
    They need listen to what’s been told;
    from roads of dirt come Streets of Gold.

  6. This was beautiful. It is all up to us if we choose to take a walk in that sun or turn to hopelessness. It is time to slow down and remember love comes in all forms, including a phone call.

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