31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Devotionals

A Life Long Witness

Have you ever been asked to give a brief summary of something?

Maybe a proposal for the big boss was all that was needed for the next promotion. A possible summary of a to-do list for your home or ministry was required to get you motivated. A briefing on the order of tactical advise was requested by your commander. All these brief understandings often leaves too much room for interpretations that we are left more overwhelmed by the simplicity than a full version of the script.

We simply can’t do life in the brief. Our summaries are pages long, and will never do our witness any justice. Sharing our stories creates accountability, reliability and authority to our understanding of our callings and experiences.

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to divulge our stories in defense of the Lord. We have to be quick and to the point, but seeking wisdom and discernment in our presentation. How do we do this? Seek Him first and then move forward.

Matthew 5:16 ESV 

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven

Sometimes the way we live, the actions we seek and the words we speak will allow for our display to communicate for itself. Life, in the brief, only leaves small impressions, but when we have an ongoing discussion by the way we pursue things, we can tie together moments to accomplish our witness to whom God calls into our lives.

Some lives are snuffed out before they even begin and some go on for a hundred years. There’s even some lives rooted in history books. No matter where we write down our histories, in the great big book of life, we are brief in our chances to impact future generations and the outcome of humanity. We are given the choice to do a job placed before us by the Lord. He calls to make disciples, big or small, in such a short time. Let our pages and pages of our own lives culminate in a great testament to faith.

Let our pages and pages of our own lives culminate in a great testament to faith. Share on X

Today’s word in the 31 Days of Writing Prompts is: BRIEF. Please find my other contributions to this writing challenge at this link.



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