Keeping True in Our Modern Culture

Be true

When it comes down to it, are we true… to self, to others, or even to the Lord?

We want to walk up-right in humble righteousness yet find that we are dragging the weight of stubbornness, doubt, mis-leading thoughts, and mis-guided half-truths. Wanting to abide by the love of Christ, we instead find ourselves living by the law of political correctness. We tend to live in the land of proper cultural tolerance that is thrusted across the landscape of Christian faith.

Sometimes we don’t know what is true or right or, must we admit, tolerant.  Our upbringing in faith tells us one thing.  Popular preachers, teachers and societal norms tell us something that may only overlap in the smallest parts of our Christian circles.

So how do we live in the truest part of our beings if we cannot find truth in the safety of our societies?

I have searched long and hard inside of my own being. I looked for affirmation from others for the truth to my self-worth and reflection of self-image. Let me tell you, this is not where truth lies.  Until we allow the Spirit to convict us, and find comfort in the Word of God, we will continue to live on the fringe where, at best, feel-good verses will grasp the surface of our thoughts and beings.

The Israelites lived on the fringe for a very long time. They only let truth on the outskirts of camp, and only called upon it when in deep trouble. Sometimes they only called when they weren’t being deceived into worship of a golden statue. They were saved over and over again, yet they kept falling away. Judge after judge and king after king, they tumbled-down into further deception.

Finally God said that was it. His rescue plan hit high gear. He humbled himself in childbirth, learned through childhood, served his community and family as a youth and he rose the dead as a man. God shocked the world by not coming in full royal garb with a crown on his head and scepter in hand, but came as a builder of love, community, and church. He spoke truth to everyone and encouragement to those he knew would carry a cross behind him.

Instead of feeling the need to please the masses in today’s age, we need to abide by the truth and not be ashamed to do so. Share on X

Instead of feeling the need to please the masses in today’s age, we need to abide by the truth and not be ashamed to do so.  It’s not the easy route, but the Lord’s burden is also light. He makes a way for us and He will convict us.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved. Be a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 NIV 

Let us not be ashamed of the truth. Let us not just talk the talk when we’re in a safe place and not being threatened by modern thought processes.

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