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Grace Lies Here

Grace does a lot. 

It forgives a child for stealing a cookie before dinner and disciplines a teenager who stayed out too late. Grace forgives a spouse’s forgetfulness and allows a car to pass when it doesn’t have the right of way.

Grace covers the big stuff, too. Grace forgives lies, hurts, and betrayal. Grace teaches us to pay good forward and to absorb empathy.

Grace also died on a tree. It was paid for in blood, sweat and cries through the hateful taunts.

Where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more. Romans 5:20

The Lord paid it all for all, for you, and for me.

The cross represents the paid in full mark upon our own lives. There will never be enough good works by our hands, enough praises, nor enough prayers to ever equal the eternity sacrificed on that hill so long ago.

A tree, planted, grown, made into a cradle, sailed upon the sea, and turned into a grave, a representation of how one created thing could bring about life and death for all mankind.

As our praises go forward in this holiday season and we look upon the twinkling lights and shining globes, let us think on that evergreen. Let us remember all that it carried. The full circle of grace represented by a sturdy branch.

This is the forever love that cannot be drawn away. No idol, but remembrance stands in our homes, in our shopping malls, and upon our church’s stoops. A grace welcomed for all… the cookie filled child, the late teenager, the forgetful spouse, the poor driver, the liar, the betrayer, the sinner, us. We were paid for on that tree.

All creation, come praise the name of the Lord. Praise His name alone. The glory of God is greater than heaven and earth. Psalm 148:13

This is the forever love that cannot be drawn away. We were paid for on that tree. Click To Tweet

As we hang those lights and sing the holidays praise songs, let’s remember to hide this celebration in our hearts for all the days ahead. Remember the joy of the advent that we acclaim.

4 thoughts on “Grace Lies Here

  1. Such powerful words “Grace also died on a tree. It was paid for in blood, sweat and cries through the hateful taunts.” I think in sometimes in out Christian lingo the word grace become such a cliche that we forget the price that was paid for it. Thank you for reminding us of it.

  2. “No Idol, but remembrance…”
    What an important insight! I know we (the human race) could argue over the idea of religious imagery and idols and all of that until the cows come home, but this hit the nail right on the head. The intent is so important. Treating that imagery as a monument, as an ebenezer, is a lovely, lovely sentiment.
    Thank you for your words!

    1. Thank you. There’s a lot of talk about trees and the idols of Christmas to the point that people don’t celebrate anymore. I say that we can have these things as reminders and to hold them in our hearts all year without worshiping them, but they point to the one that we worship. Thank you for reading.

  3. Maryann, This one was lovely. My prayer is we would use this season to do just as you prompted us, to remember. Grace and peace to you.

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