Devotional: The God Who Sees

How do you feel when you know that Jesus is looking at you?

Do you feel unsettled, or possibly ashamed? Maybe you feel something much more comforting such as peace.

Sometimes I feel a peace knowing that Jesus sees my pain or frustrations, and even my joy. I feel a bond when my heart breaks with His over injustice or hate.

When I am not walking upright, I feel the need to shy away from His presence. Knowing that I am not perfect is not enough to keep my head high, feeling lowly as dirt is where my sin places me.

Shame leads me to question myself. Why do I keep falling for lies or moments to tap out of reality? These things never lead to goodness or ease of pain.

I am grateful for Jesus and that I have a living God with relatable attributes. He knows me better than I know myself. I will forever worship and love Him. Without Him, I would be lost and drown in the lies that hold me back.

I am grateful for Jesus and that I have a living God with relatable attributes. Share on X

Honoring Him is something that is a priority, and walking in a way of worthiness is something to strive for. I don’t want to feel shy because of my dark inner workings that the Lord can see right through.  The peace that I should have in relationship with Jesus seems less attainable when I cannot get past my own selfishness of inner satisfaction.

The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace Numbers 6:26

I pray that the Lord take hold of my selfish ways. I ask that He shows me how to break the bonds of all of my sins. These things do not glorify Him or even raise me up. I trust in His faithfulness to me and I want to turn it all back to Him.

I am so grateful that I am made clean and can start anew each and every morning. In Jesus, we are a fully forgiven and saved child.

8 thoughts on “Devotional: The God Who Sees

  1. Thanks for your post. This is a similar theme to what I’ve been writing about recently, except it’s about how God does see us and that we’re not invisible. Here though, it’s important to remember that when God looks at us, he sees Jesus. So even if we may feel unworthy and ashamed, it’s Jesus’ righteousness he sees rather than our own.

  2. Resting in His grace isn’t always easy! I have to remind myself tht I can approach Him boldly, not because I’m good, but because He is! Thank God He doesn’t treat me as I deserve 🙂

    1. Yes! He is always good and because He is we can boldly approach Him. Amen!

  3. I feel good knowing that Jesus is happy with my deeds. On the other hand I feel bad when I know I have offended Him. Knowing that He sympathizes wirh my ignorance pains me and I keep praying for the grace to understand Him more. I love Jesus.

  4. I was recently advised to picture Jesus standing beside each person I come in contact with and to think about how I would communicate with this person based on Jesus’ presence. What a difference my words would have; but I have to remember that He IS right there…listening to my every word. This post gives me the same truth…He knows me. He sees me. Great reading!

    1. I have read to look at people through Jesus glasses. I suppose that’s one way to think about it.

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