Finding My Tribe

“My tribe.” 

I have read those words several times on blog posts over this past year, heard them across every mama and women’s ministry vlog, and seen a multitude of memes triggering emotional responses across social media outlets. Virtual high-fives all around and heart emojois send internet love to the masses.

Sometimes I think these tribes are all-inclusive with built-in meet-ups, matching outfits, and late night paint and sip parties that somehow disclude those who are late to the party.  Being that I am perpetually early, I wonder why I, not unlike many others, missed the boat so many times.

Maybe I need to break down what a tribe is to see if I am wrong and actually have a foot in the hut.

Starting with my little tribesmen that I created, I suppose I am in a super selective one living in my very own home. We have had late night water runs and philosophical discussions instead of shut-eye. We have water-color painting parties that we sip chocolate milk at. We use to wear matching outfits until they got too expensive and some of us aged out of the little kid section. We laugh, play hard, go on adventures and weather storms together. I suppose this is the best tribe to belong to. It is one with my very name stamped on the letter head. I should feel no discord over not belonging to the trendy insta-social media groups that claim to be best friends for life. I have best blood relations for life in my tribe.

But when all is all asleep, and insta-media comes to life while I binge watch dramas on Netflix, my scrolling fingers find loneliness and jealousy seeping into a weary woman’s soul and brings a bit of sadness down upon my head. Longings for sisterhood, and wealth of relationships sometimes brings a green-eyed monster to stir in the heart of someone who would rather not care about such things and instead focus on the gifts that are already at hand.

I am a human being, a lowly sinner in need of affirmation once in a while. I sense the need for approval and love from the outside world in the state of my humanness.

Galatians 3:28 ESV

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

The Lord reminds me over and over again that I ultimately need Him more than any of these human things, and not to fret. He sends the right people, the right tribesmen (or women) at just the right time. Seasons change and one may be for a lonely time and some may hold more vibrance. There seems to be too much energy wasted in complaining about the jealous monster living beneath the would-be matching t-shirts.

The Lord reminds me over and over again that I ultimately need Him more than any of these human things. Share on X

In the meantime, instead of wringing hands to keep the jealousy at bay, we should make room in our lives for fellowship with the Spirit. Let Him fill you and help you to embark on adventure with Him. The Lord never disappoints, especially if we leave ourselves open to His plans.


5 thoughts on “Finding My Tribe

  1. Thank you for this reminder that, although He did make us for community and friendship, those communities and friendships change with our seasons. However, we always have the Lord.

  2. I related to this both as a woman and as a blogger. Thanks for pointing our hearts back to what matters!

  3. Finding our “tribe” can be so hard. And I often wonder if it’s worth it, but I love the reminder that Jesus is so much better.

  4. I rarely regret cancelling plans with friend, but I always regret not spending my one on one time with Jesus. I do need friends but Jesus keeps me alive, in more ways than just physically.

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