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Faith is Not Adaptable, Do Not Tire of the Climb

Today we all stand in front of a mountain.

The peak may be closer for some of us, but that doesn’t undermine the struggle that we have endured. It also doesn’t diminish our capabilities. The peak is there, none the less, and the world groans as it tries to reach the other side.

Every day up until now has had reason to rely on faith, to hang on to it for dear life. But today, as much as this day shouldn’t look like any other, people grasp harder or push further. People are trying to look for hope while others are grasping at straws to disprove the truth of our faith.

People are afraid and that fear drives discord. There is such a wedge being driven in relationships that one may have to wonder about prophecy, Jesus’ words, and if we’re approaching glory at a faster rate than yesterday.

Self distancing, isolation, and virtual reality in church and school won’t be the new norm, just a temporary adaptation. However, our faith should remain stable, it can thrive because unlike flattening a curve, we should never hit a peak.

Our faith should never flatten or max out in numbers and percentages. We should strive for more…

Isaiah 40:31 ESV

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Now is not the time to give up in the waiting or give in to the fear perpetrated by the naysayers. We should never feel weary or faint in our faith. We can and will rise above the tide that wants to squash us into the grave of doubt.

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It is time to put on our best attitude in faith and prayer while we stand our ground. Do not allow for the difficulties that we face create dissidence just because we need to endure something new. Keep fighting, don’t tire of doing right. Stand firm, Christian. Your reward in Heaven far out ways what the weary world wants to give. Faith is not adaptable, do not tire of the climb.


4 thoughts on “Faith is Not Adaptable, Do Not Tire of the Climb

  1. Thank you, Maryann, for these encouraging words today!!! I needed the reminders that now is not the time for me to give up in the waiting or give in to the fear! FOR SURE! Let faith have it’s way in the waiting, and let faith have its way with my fears.


    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  2. Great thoughts on the prompt. So many considering what they have had to adjust or adaptions to be made…but some things should not (cannot) be adjusted or adapted to fit the times. What a great reminder! I enjoyed your post – a blessing, as always!

  3. No point in being hesitant,
    and, you know, big boys don’t cry;
    chances are hundred percent
    that I am going to die.
    Likely now it’s cancer’s job,
    but there’s other ways as well,
    a bullet’s path, grenade’s lob,
    and gone I am, bat outta hell.
    So live life, baby, to the full,
    grab it with both hands,
    let not a second yet be dull,
    and make sure wife understands
    that in death there’s victory
    (and location of life policy).

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