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Moving Past Crass Attitudes


Think about it. Write about it. Be about it. Always live in the Biblical principle that we need to follow: God did this while we were so very undeserving, so we must follow the example.

Easier said than done despite us fully relying on the Word of God to be true and banking on the sacrifice of Jesus to be our salvation.

Do I seem crass when I speak like this? Maybe a little, but I am beat, depleted by life and it’s circumstances. The human condition has pushed me into the dirt and I am one tired woman who just wants a very long nap and to wake up to a life turned back upright.

I want to go on about how I sacrifice my time, energy, health, and mental well-being because I am this astounding person. I am just so selfless and humble in my servant’s heart. Would getting some recognition be too hard a thing to ask for? Well, thinking like that isn’t very humble so the rest sounds like a lot of chatter without depth despite the reality of the words.

How do I move beyond the things I actually do, the motives behind them and appreciate my contribution to the well being of those around me without an attitude of pridefulness? I do want to serve my family. I do want to serve my community and church. I do hurt for those who suffer in the lies of the enemy and pray for their salvation. I want to be in this place with a true humble heart. What do I do to move past my sorrowful, pitiful attitude and see that the sacrifice is worth my mental and physical fatigue? How do I let go of these things at the foot of the cross and see that Our Lord Jesus Christ paid once and for all for all of the sorrow of the world and I need not worry about my feelings of selfishness any longer. My exhaustion is paid for, so how do I move on?

Hebrews 13:15 ESV

Through Him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.

On social media, a group of bloggers got together and wrote similar prompts on their ministry pages to gather engagement and rally the troops to be encouraged in faith. It was a fun yet reflective time to see how we can build each other up in our faith walk or how we are in similar seasons of our faith.

My favorite thread in this exercise on social media prompted the following:

This year, I choose to be a prayer warrior, even if ________________.

My response: I want to be a prayer warrior even in times that I feel depleted. How does one do this? Admit to the Lord when you are there… in depleted mode.

When you talk to the Lord, just come clean. He already knows, but acknowledge Him as your loving Father who will see you through your pride, your hurt, and your fatigue. He knows your heart and when you need rest.  When you do this, reside in His goodness. Never let go of it.

I know it’s hard. I am right there, right now. I am exhausted and sometimes I doubt I can get past it. But the key thing here, I never doubt God’s faithfulness to His loved ones.

Ephesians 5:1-2

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Reside in His goodness. Never let go of it. Share on X

May we be imitators of the Lord. Pray to do well in love and hang on to hope through faith. Allow for all that we do be that beautiful, fragrant service and sacrifice for the Lord always. Even if you are in a uphill battle, battle on for the Lord.


5 thoughts on “Moving Past Crass Attitudes

  1. Honesty is always the best policy. It is true He already knows, but He wants to hear it from us. He wants us to trust Him enough to bring Him our worst.

  2. Such a good reminder; we forget sometimes that we can shape our own attitudes and let external circumstances do it for us. Trust is key!

  3. Maryann, great post and so true! I mentioned Hebrews in my post as well before even seeing yours, that could only be the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

  4. Prayer and thanksgiving. You are right–so important for our state of mind. I just read the verse you quoted from Hebrews today.

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