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Huddled Together Without Fear

Once upon a time my daughter was afraid. She stood at the top of the high dive biting her nails. Shouts of encouragement and frustration ran up the ladder after her. Our little fish lost the will to jump in. Many years later I recall how agitated I felt over her nail-biting and change of… Read More Huddled Together Without Fear

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Finding My Way Through This Life

I have written a lot about how I have made my way through my troubled life. I have divulged my struggle with doubt, self-worth, depression, and the feeling of loneliness. Leaning on truth, I have revealed how I learned about faith in the trials and how the Lord’s faithfulness has brought me through. So today… Read More Finding My Way Through This Life

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The 41st Gift

Last year, I hash-tagged about how 40 is the new 30. I can’t claim the fame on coining the phrase, but I am taking on #41isthenew31 Can I get an Amen? Amen, and amen! And with that 41 years of wisdom, I am tackling my next year of life with bravery and fearlessness.  I would… Read More The 41st Gift