Five Minute Friday, Testimonies of Faith

Overcomer: My Life Motto

Overcomer is my life motto. This is my testimony on how darkness and sin kept me trapped in a hole of despair and how light, love and faith in the darkest hours pulled me out. I have fallen hard on my life verse in Philippians. When I am in doubt, when my depression darkens the… Read More Overcomer: My Life Motto

Testimonies of Faith, Testimony

Joy At the End of Drought: A Testimony

Drought. I have walked through a drought several times. The land is parched, the crops are thirsty, and cattle are thin. Farmers search through years of almanacs and flowers droop as they hope for a drink. When I was pregnant with my fourth child, our state was experiencing a severe drought. Soy beans stood low… Read More Joy At the End of Drought: A Testimony