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Share Your Testimony

Testimony. Evidence. Our evidence. Who we are, what we’ve done, where we came from, when we did all that we’ve done and said all the things we’ve said, and how all of the aforementioned came to be. Some have big shining moments in life. They make big statements, write loud books, and step out on… Read More Share Your Testimony

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From Adventurous Vacation to Victory in Faith

I have leaned toward the adventurous side in comparison to my family. Jumping out of trees as a youth to swinging across ravines in my young adulthood has left a few scars, but my body sometimes calls me out to move even as middle age is slowly enveloping me. Thinking about what could be my… Read More From Adventurous Vacation to Victory in Faith

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Liebster Award Nomination 2017

A Special Thank You I would like to thank Jessi over at Existing For More for nominating me for this award. We found each other in a wonderful community forum of Christian bloggers. Investing my time in these forums this past month as been one of the most encouraging things I have done. Even more encouraging is… Read More Liebster Award Nomination 2017