31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Parenting

Born Again

Time to talk story. When I was a child I loved my Barbie Camper. It wasn’t the flaming hot pink you see these days. It was dull yellow with chunky parts that lacked a hot tub in the back. We went for many rides around a sun-burnt yard every summer of my youth until one… Read More Born Again

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Five Minute Friday, Parenting, Testimony

Huddled Together Without Fear

Once upon a time my daughter was afraid. She stood at the top of the high dive biting her nails. Shouts of encouragement and frustration ran up the ladder after her. Our little fish lost the will to jump in. Many years later I recall how agitated I felt over her nail-biting and change of… Read More Huddled Together Without Fear


A Moment of Raw Parenting

Can I be real and talk to you from a raw moment in my parenting? I am reeling from my own disappointed expectations these past 15 years of my parental season. A grumpy day of unmet goals and wandering in circles turned into yelling, throwing and crocodile tears. My exasperated attitude blew the roof off… Read More A Moment of Raw Parenting