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Anniversary: A Time to Reflect

What do you get with eighteen years and counting? An anniversary to reflect back upon and years to look ahead to is the answer. You also get to think about the action-adventure comedic romance that comes along with being a homeschooling military wife. I could almost sing about our eighteen years of married life and… Read More Anniversary: A Time to Reflect

Five Minute Friday, My Story, Testimony

Finding My Way Through This Life

I have written a lot about how I have made my way through my troubled life. I have divulged my struggle with doubt, self-worth, depression, and the feeling of loneliness. Leaning on truth, I have revealed how I learned about faith in the trials and how the Lord’s faithfulness has brought me through. So today… Read More Finding My Way Through This Life

My Story

My Story

I am a daughter of the One True King. I need to remind myself of this truth every day. I get out of bed and wake to a tired world and see a need to be a light. My calling may be small among many, but by God’s will, I will run the race that… Read More My Story