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Compassion Sunday is Everyday

For several years I have been wanting to make the world a better a place… sounds like a Girl Scout motto. It is, but more than making things green and sustainable, I want to make a difference, grow in faith, and reach the lost for Christ. How could one little person attain this when I… Read More Compassion Sunday is Everyday


Belgium: A Mission Field

Missions to Belgium has been an experience that I didn’t quite expect. A lot of thoughts have been put into processing through this recent trip. I would like to direct you to a few videos I have linked at the bottom talking about Belgium being a missions field. I have gotten some criticism about Europe… Read More Belgium: A Mission Field


The Measure of Humility

Have  you ever felt so small that your life seems like a particle of dust awaiting for the dust pan to stick you in the trash and never be a thought again? That was me. It is me. You would think that flying above the earth looking like a bird to behold from below would… Read More The Measure of Humility