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Are You Willing to Go?

Are you willing to go, to do, and to step out of all that you have known? It’s not always a big booming voice. Sometimes it’s a conviction, something you’ve read, an answered prayer, or a testimony in fellowship. When called, how often do you scoff at the thought and aren’t willing to budge outside… Read More Are You Willing to Go?

Compassion International, Missions

Compassion Sunday is Everyday

For several years I have been wanting to make the world a better a place… sounds like a Girl Scout motto. It is, but more than making things green and sustainable, I want to make a difference, grow in faith, and reach the lost for Christ. How could one little person attain this when I… Read More Compassion Sunday is Everyday


Belgium: A Mission Field

Missions to Belgium has been an experience that I didn’t quite expect. A lot of thoughts have been put into processing through this recent trip. I would like to direct you to a few videos I have linked at the bottom talking about Belgium being a missions field. I have gotten some criticism about Europe… Read More Belgium: A Mission Field