Devotionals, Lent

The Blood Sacrifice

Nothing but the blood of Jesus. It’s the hymn that is ever so popular during the Lenten Season. We let the words roll off our tongues like an old friend, yet they never take root inside of us. Maybe it’s because we know they will be back in a year, but singing out about the… Read More The Blood Sacrifice

Devotionals, Lent

He is the Light of the World

He is  the Light of The Word. In Him there is no darkness. I have a kindergartener in my household. Every day he scoffs at me as I tell him to write the date at the top of his worksheets. “But I did yesterday,” he says. I gently remind him the importance that learning sometimes… Read More He is the Light of the World

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The Offer of Life-Giving Water

Intentionally avoiding people, a woman heads out to draw water in the midday heat. Blazing sun would surely keep people in their homes and protected from the sun. She thought she had it down until that particular day. A man sat at the well, possibly in prayer, and beckoned the woman to give him a… Read More The Offer of Life-Giving Water