Christian Living, Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Moving Past Crass Attitudes

Sacrifice.  Think about it. Write about it. Be about it. Always live in the Biblical principle that we need to follow: God did this while we were so very undeserving, so we must follow the example. Easier said than done despite us fully relying on the Word of God to be true and banking on… Read More Moving Past Crass Attitudes

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Seek Light in the Darkness

It was August 1st in Florida. A new adventure was at hand. 8:30pm hit hard after a cross-ocean, cross-continent flight from Hawaii. Sleepiness was pulling us all down, but my seven year old still seemed to have some charge left in his batteries. “But, Mommy, it’s still light out. It’s not bed time.” I pointed… Read More Seek Light in the Darkness

Christian Living, Five Minute Friday

Rushing to Press Through With Diligence

Today’s word is: RUSH Isn’t that perfect? It’s the season of Christmas, of the go-go-go attitude. Rush to this event and run to that party. Fight through the crowd for that perfect gift and cram in enough merry making and cookie to fill us until the signs of Spring. And when you’re like my family,… Read More Rushing to Press Through With Diligence