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It’s Not Time to Settle for Complacency

What happens when we just settle in our place and not move forward in conviction? Complacency. It means a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. We become smug, and seemingly uncaring. But we do care. Our faith is becoming attacked more and more with each passing day in our society… Read More It’s Not Time to Settle for Complacency

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Five Verses of Faith

I have been writing with Five Minute Friday community for nearly two years as they celebrate their five year anniversary. I can say that I have learned a lot and met many wonderful online friends over these years. Networking, learning and growing in my niche has eased my frustration over the comparison trap I sometimes… Read More Five Verses of Faith

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

No Longer a Castaway

A story of a young man at sea takes us to a lonely place of grey skies and darkened waves. He feels adrift, never knowing where he is going. The compass steers the crew, but his heart looks elsewhere. Longing for home and a place to rest his weary head, he can barely imagine a… Read More No Longer a Castaway