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Flipping for God’s Word: When God isn’t a Magic Genie

Have you ever flipped through your Bible, looking for a special place to read? Maybe God took you to the Book of Numbers. Yes! Let’s do this! Sometimes you land on Psalm 23. Wow, God really knows what I need right now. Then there’s the time you landed on the Beatitudes, again. Philippians 4:13. That… Read More Flipping for God’s Word: When God isn’t a Magic Genie

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Searching for Relief

Doing it for the sake of getting it done… Not for any edifying reason or for encouragement, I write to do it and to be done. How about you? How many things do all of us do just for the sake of doing it and getting it done? We want the gratifying sigh of relief.… Read More Searching for Relief

Christian Living, Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Moving Past Crass Attitudes

Sacrifice.  Think about it. Write about it. Be about it. Always live in the Biblical principle that we need to follow: God did this while we were so very undeserving, so we must follow the example. Easier said than done despite us fully relying on the Word of God to be true and banking on… Read More Moving Past Crass Attitudes