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Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart

We’re living in a pandemic. I don’t speak about a crisis of health, but of a pandemic of self-righteous attitudes and misplaced faith is what we have found ourselves in. In times past, catastrophes has placed us on our knees, sent us through the doors of worship, and had us cracking open our Bibles. People… Read More Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart

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Hope Remains

This year Easter will look a bit different. You may have never seen anything quite like it. Churches will be empty. Our Sunday best and bonnets will gather dust in the closet. Dinner parties are canceled and egg hunts have been dismissed. Virtual praise and worship will fill our homes. A digital pastor will call… Read More Hope Remains

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Faith is Not Adaptable, Do Not Tire of the Climb

Today we all stand in front of a mountain. The peak may be closer for some of us, but that doesn’t undermine the struggle that we have endured. It also doesn’t diminish our capabilities. The peak is there, none the less, and the world groans as it tries to reach the other side. Every day… Read More Faith is Not Adaptable, Do Not Tire of the Climb