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Important: Keeping Faith

This fallen world is ill-focused. We shed light on what is important to the lustful darkness over the truth of what eternity looks like for our souls. Our lives should reflect what is important to our worldview, not to the twisted version of popularity inside that view. So, then, what is important to us, Christian?… Read More Important: Keeping Faith

Christian Living, Devotionals

Peace: A Place For True Seekers

People have been living in fear for far too long. The concept of unease or despair has been ever spiraling since the dawn of sin. It has kept humankind going against the joy of the heart that was original to man before offense set in. Have we noticed how much peace and joy have been… Read More Peace: A Place For True Seekers

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Are We Intentional: A Lesson from Isaiah 41

Have we forgotten?  We seek and wade through the depths of life, but we leave the safety net behind while trying to tread with weights dangling from our ankles. People often say that we just need to dive in, safety nets are for cowards. Non-believers wouldn’t think to trust the Lord, and lazy Christians would… Read More Are We Intentional: A Lesson from Isaiah 41