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Oswald Chambers Quotes

There are times when we search to find the words that describe our life stages, seasons, or day to day humdrum. Words are fleeting from our thought lives and we wring our hands trying to place a label upon the circumstance we stand in. This is when we go back to our forefathers in faith… Read More Oswald Chambers Quotes

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Homeschool: A Review of Our 1st Grade Curriculum

As a homeschooler of 11 years, I have learned a lot. From being a rigid, stick-to-the-schedule educator, learning to be flexible and adventurous has not come easy. I tried many curriculums over the years. A boxed one just didn’t work year one, and by year four, I thought I had found our groove until child… Read More Homeschool: A Review of Our 1st Grade Curriculum

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Book Review: The Remnant Trilogy

Looking for a fantastic fictional read this summer? Look no further than The Remnant Trilogy by Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams. Chaffey and Adams take us on a historical yet fictional trip back to the time of Noah. They tell us a tale in a new way that makes Noah relatable while tying in… Read More Book Review: The Remnant Trilogy