Advent Devotionals

Turning Suffering to Joy

A midnight cry woke her from a restless sleep. A tired mother dragged her weary body to her baby who was needy and looking for comfort in the arms of his nurturer. He pays no mind to the fact that his nurturer was depleted and felt needy as well. Sleep, help, and hope were some… Read More Turning Suffering to Joy

Advent, Advent Devotionals

What Happens When We Partner Joy With Hope

It was a dreadful cold night. It was an icy chill that penetrated your very bones. Dodging the elements as best as we could, we started the car 20 minutes early and broke out the wool blankets for the road trip. We refused to let frost bite win in the negative degree air. We would… Read More What Happens When We Partner Joy With Hope

Advent, Advent Devotionals

Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care

Christmas 2002, a lonely day. Coming home from an unexpected underway, my husband met a very pregnant wife, a scrawny Christmas tree, and dinner plans that were lacking. It was a day for pajamas and movies. We won’t mention that I didn’t fit into much else anyway. Missing home and family, we spent our time… Read More Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care