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Searching For Advent

The season of Advent is coming. The time of preparation and celebration is beckoning us to lighten our loads and dive into celebrations and hope. Excited children, empty pocket books and lists full of fun and service await us. Then what follows is a crash. Down time after the hype and climax of all that… Read More Searching For Advent

Advent, Advent Devotionals

The King of Angels

The day is almost here!  It’s the day that your children have been bouncing off the walls for.  It’s the day your grandmother gets to pinch your cheeks.  It’s the day you consume a dozen too many cookies.  Christmas Day Is Almost Here! It’s a day of celebration, memory making, gift giving, and joyful noises.… Read More The King of Angels

Advent, Advent Devotionals

Reconciliation with God and With Others

There are so many articles and discussions out there involving the sadness that grips some of us over the holidays with a need for reconciliation. We hear about loneliness and darkness that follows some instead of joy and light. Hope is lacking and grief fills holes. Some may suggest that a lot of this is… Read More Reconciliation with God and With Others