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Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care

Christmas 2002, a lonely day. Coming home from an unexpected underway, my husband met a very pregnant wife, a scrawny Christmas tree, and dinner plans that were lacking. It was a day for pajamas and movies. We won’t mention that I didn’t fit into much else anyway. Missing home and family, we spent our time… Read More Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care

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Searching For Abundance in the Season of Advent

I am stuffed. My body is beyond content to the point of belly laughs that hurt and an extra three pounds on the scale. The jeans feel tighter, and taste buds are happy. A nap by the fireside as a sporting event plays on the television soothe the abundance into digestion and eases the mind… Read More Searching For Abundance in the Season of Advent

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The Stillness That Awaits

Still, still, still… I can think of that tune as I reach a point in our holiday season where I need to settle myself.  As I look toward a few more hectic days in this crazy life of mine, I like to see a rest coming, a stillness of sorts. Will a peaceful night come… Read More The Stillness That Awaits