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Moving Forward: Bolster Your Servant Heart

Christian, it is time.

We have become complacent as of late. It is like we’re stuck in a new normal that shouldn’t be. Our sin and the sin of all generations before us has gotten us stuck in this sickness of the human condition.

Our ancestors looked for a way out of complacency. They tried to find a path forward. Some succeeded and made strides in faith and service. Others fell harder and further from the Lord to the place of comfort in the darkness, sin was their badge.

We want to lay blame and point fingers, but no one ever takes a hard look on the inside to see their own darkened hearts. If sin is not a thing because there is a lack of belief, the finger pointing makes sense or the assumed blame could be valid. Now the question should be is that as believers, should we ever place the blame of a sin epidemic on anyone other than self?

Now that we have summed up the problem called the human condition, how do we move on? As Christians, what do we do to ground ourselves further and not cause more strife among our brothers and sisters. We need to be the example, the light to those living in darkness, not people who are throwing wedges in between each other.

John 17:17 ESV

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth

We need to hold fast to God’s Word first. Dig in, study, believe, and pray. Communion with the Lord will convict us of His truth and how to uphold it.

Honestly, I have been thinking about my own complacency. I want to be out there, sharing the hope that I have in eternity, but fear of offending someone or stepping on toes has held me back. I have been leading online Bible studies for months, writing encouraging blog posts, discipling my children, and praying for the masses. Sometimes I think it’s just not enough and that the Lord is tugging at my heart. I need to be moving and to stop making excuses.

Let us come together and hold each other accountable. Step outside of your comfort zone into an area of faith that you have not ventured far into as of yet. Here are some ideas for different levels of comfort:

If you have never served:

  • signup to volunteer in Sunday School or the nursery
  • if you have been a long-time member or attender at your church, become a greeter
  • if you attend a larger church, ushers are always needed, volunteer once a month

If you have served in the church for awhile, step it up:

  • lead a Bible study
  • organize a luncheon to celebrate special occasions such as Mother’s Day or a Christmas tea for women and even for teen girls
  • become a mentor to a younger Christian
  • go big and sign up to organize a Vacation Bible School or lead in Summer Camp

If you have done the above and want to branch out:

  • join a homeless ministry or outreach
  • serve at a women’s shelter
  • organize a group to attend the March for Life locally or in Washington, D.C.
  • start a neighborhood Bible study for teens or adults
  • go on missions, or help to host missionaries as they come through your church
  • look for outreach ministries throughout your area

This list may seem simple to some and some can check every item off. But no matter where any of us are at, let us encourage the heart of a servant in each of us and to help nurture one another’s gifts. As we move forward, let us be glad that our new normal is a bolstered servant’s heart.

1 Peter 4:10 ESV

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace

As we move forward, let us be glad that our new normal is a bolstered servant's heart. Share on X

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward: Bolster Your Servant Heart

  1. God made of me a sample
    of how best-laid plans can fail,
    a real good bad example,
    a cautionary tale.
    But once I did embrace the fact
    that no-one would look up to me,
    I found my heart became intact
    as I, whooping, swung from tree to tree
    skirting past disaster
    calamity and woe,
    I proudly served my Master,
    and carried on the show:
    “It’s OK, son, have no fear;
    now watch THIS, and hold my beer!”

  2. I think you are doing amazing work with all that you are doing. Thank you for serving in all of those ways. I have been considering doing an online bible study myself. We do bible studies all year long in our homeschool but I am interested in doing one for women. Maybe now that summer is here I can finally find the time to pull it together. Thank you for your inspiration.

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