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I am excited to receive this nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award! This award is one that bloggers give to each other to recognize their work.  While my growth in writing and my journey has been slow and sometimes lonely, I am very grateful for the love and encouragement of friends old and new, and especially to my family who has been lifting me up throughout this process.  I am excited to see the mission that the Lord has called me to has been an encouragement to others.

I would like to thank the ladies over at To UnEarth blog for following me on my social media site and for enjoying my blog content.  It was a lovely surprise to be recognized and followed inside my community of bloggers.

To UnEarth is a blog written by two ladies, Emily and Christie, who blog about what it means to be “rooted in the ordinary” as Christ followers.  Their writing resonates with me because I am them, finding the Lord’s plan and purpose in the ordinary while being extraordinary because of Him.

The beginning

 I have tinkered with writing a blog for about ten years. It started off as family updates since we lived over 5000 miles away and across an ocean. Eventually life got extra hectic and blogging fell by the wayside. I came back to it a few years ago when I came out of a dark season of life. You can read about my testimony here.

Slowly and steadily growing, I came to this page where I write about life, devotional content, book reviews and other thoughts on my Christian walk.  I try not to let the slew of likes and then dislikes get me down or my very small blog following to discourage me. I know that the Lord has me on the right path and I am working on His will for my life.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, check out My Story.

Advice for new bloggers

Don’t stop writing. I made this mistake when I took a very long break. I would come up with great ideas to write and share, and then they got lost when I decided to binge watch TV or waste time on social media.

Be consistent or have a schedule. What has really helped me in this season of writing is committing to posts as specific times during the week and about specific topics. I know the genre I will be going for at those points in my week and I try to brainstorm as much as possible before that point. I also make social media graphics that are sharable along with my posts.

Find community.  The very best thing that I did when I started a consistent writing season was to network. I joined social media groups, blogging communities and in-person relationships to build encouragement and feedback. I also have utilized a coach to get me going in the right direction.

Because of the great community that I have found, I would like to recognize some other bloggers that I follow, enjoy and would love to share with you.  Some are quite small and some are much larger. There are also a couple of online Christian Magazines I am sharing below.  The reason I share such a variety of works is because each one has encouraged or influenced my writing this year.  I would like to show them some recognition for their hard work.

Blogs I would like to share:


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  1. Always knew you had a mission…so proud of my girl.

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