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Christianity: Bearing Fellow Believer’s Burdens

The faith community seems to be lacking as of late.

In light of the world’s push toward self-awareness and heart-felt inquiry, they say to seek clarity in the Word. Nevertheless, they are quick to abandon you when you don’t align with their quick prayers and comfortable ways. When your dark days set in, they jump ship or simply forget to acknowledge you. The only thing they saw you as was a number, a check in a box on their list of people under their umbrella. Never mind that their umbrella had holes. They just stuck the people who asked too many questions in those gaps to drown them out. You actually weren’t wanted to begin with.

Reading through Acts and the letters to the churches, I often get flustered at Paul and how his opinions seem to intertwine with the truth of the Gospel. Because of this, I need to constantly remind myself that he was a man, just like the rest of us, a sinner. Society mattered at the time, just like the letters still matter today.

Paul’s love for the church across the board sent him on a whirlwind across the world as he knew it to be to share the truth, to reign in sin, and to want souls saved for the kingdom. He wanted people to stop putting other Christians out for lack of money, for asking tough questions, for sickness, or for being of the wrong sex. Paul wanted Christian love to be what kept the church together and for faith to grow, not by doing what the heart wanted or by following the money.

Galatians 6:2

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Christian, it’s time to ask yourself the hard question. Have you abandoned your brother or sister in their time of need? Not just in sickness, loss, or joblessness, but in depression, when they stopped showing up, when they stopped communicating, when they became quiet, did you abandon them?

I believe it’s time that we all have a heart check, repent, and ask the Lord for what is next. Maybe it’s time to show up in Christian charity of heart instead of living in the comfort of a closed understanding.


2 thoughts on “Christianity: Bearing Fellow Believer’s Burdens

  1. We certainly need to clarify with God what we are to think and which way to go. Certainly, it’s love and caring. Open hearts and minds.

  2. A thought provoking post Maryann! Thank you!
    You’re most welcome to join me in a cuppa at Tea With Jennifer,
    Blessings, Jennifer

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