31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

31 Days of Biblical Truths

Let’s put a pin it.

Ever hear that phrase? I recall it from some silly movie. Pinning a thought, a remark, or an idea as a reminder that was really never revisited.

We may forget or dismiss ideas when measured against grander, more famous thinkers in order to keep our proper place on the sidelines or the back row of the stands. Our excitement over our creativity will never take off into a legacy of remembrance, but does that mean we should feel dismissed?

God’s Word says to rely on Our Father’s sovereign will. In His will, famous thinkers as well as benched rookies will be used all the same.

Proverbs 3:5 ESV

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding

To help encourage the masses, we need to rely on the best playbook out there, the greatest instruction manual ever written, and the truest words ever spoken, penned, or thought of. Only truth is spoken in the Word of God and that’s where we will focus for the next thirty-one days.

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Join me as we seek out 31 Days of Biblical Truth. I pray that as I am encouraged by God’s holy Word, you will find yourself as well. All posts in this series will be linked here.

Day One: Why Study the Bible

Day Two: Love That Is Not to be Shelved

Day Three: Who Are You Listening To?

Day Four: Peace Goes Beyond Our Problems

Day Five: There is No Other Name

Day Six: Take Time to Notice the Lord

Day Seven: Stand Steadfast in The Shadow of The Mountain

Day Eight: The Lord Gathers You Near

Day Nine: Worship God With Your Whole Life

Day Ten: Don’t Allow Others to Hinder Your Mission

Day Eleven: Walk in The Way of The Lord

Day Twelve: Who Do You Seek First?

Day Thirteen: Reaching Out in Remembrance

Day Fourteen: The Voice That Calls Us to the Light

Day Fifteen: Open His Word

Day Sixteen: Keeping Sin Out of Your Anger

Day Seventeen: Pushing Past the Excuses

Day Eighteen: No More Searching for the Lord Has Come

Day Nineteen: Put on The Joy of The Lord

Day Twenty: Time to Go: Telling the World the Good News

Day Twenty-One: Striving for The Christian Good

Day Twenty-Two: How This Water Leads to Life

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