Lent: Time to Pray for the Betrayer

If you are ever faced with someone who hurts you, be it family, friend or acquaintance, do you lower yourself to their standards and stab them back or hold on to the truth and the integrity that is brought along with it?… Read More Lent: Time to Pray for the Betrayer


Lent and Mockery

People seem to think that we live in a day and age that Christians can go about their daily lives and can worship God whenever and wherever they choose without being mocked by their fellow-man.  People seem to think that the only persecution happening today is in the Middle East and parts of Africa where extreme atrocities… Read More Lent and Mockery


Lent: Hope For the Broken Hearted

Broken hearts…. Disappointment, sadness, foolishness, arguments, fights, backs turned… Abuse, divorce, jail, death… Depression, anxiety, disorders, medication… Broken. Hope! Isaiah preaches of good news for the broken-hearted.  He speaks of salvation through hope in God’s promise.