The Stars Point to Him

Jesus had a star. It took me 41 years to finally digest the childlike faith of my youth culminated in a shining star above the fields and how it brought the world together. His star brought the magi from far off lands to worship a king spoken from old who would project truth throughout all… Read More The Stars Point to Him

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

A Better Way to Life

It’s here and we hope that it’s better than ever. Full of hope, promises, newness, and opportunities, the fresh year before us beckons a joyful embrace of things to come. Last year wasn’t the greatest for a lot of people. Strife, misunderstandings, political unrest, a vastly changing society, disease, brokenness, and hurt filled our homes,… Read More A Better Way to Life


When Our Savior is the Light of the World

Light drives out darkness. Shadows on street corners run away from the sunrise. Slithering creatures crawl into the depths upon dawn. Criminals cover themselves in innocence in the light of day. Corrupt people show up to charity in hopes of lightening their lies through money and photo opportunities. Kissing babies, building bridges and helping hands… Read More When Our Savior is the Light of the World