31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

31 Days of Biblical Truths

Let’s put a pin it. Ever hear that phrase? I recall it from some silly movie. Pinning a thought, a remark, or an idea as a reminder that was really never revisited. We may forget or dismiss ideas when measured against grander, more famous thinkers in order to keep our proper place on the sidelines… Read More 31 Days of Biblical Truths


Facing Life as a Challenge

You have been challenged… …to life… and… go! Life is certainly a challenge for me, for you, and for all of mankind. Even the flora and fauna get a piece of the challenge along the way. Sometimes we even have the mindset of being born to die, so just go with the challenges and try… Read More Facing Life as a Challenge

Bible Study, Devotionals

The God Who Remembers

Hannah was barren. She wasn’t our first heart-broken sister nor was she our last. Women of faith caught in a motherhood and legacy trap spread across all time and cultures. We are met with defiance by the world when we don’t produce, don’t share life with offspring, and leave our families and husbands disappointed. Depression… Read More The God Who Remembers